Ten Divine Messages
Swamini Sri Lalitambika Devi
Swami Parameshananda, Foreword
ISBN 978-09960236-5-8
Chintamani Books, 2016
Swami Pranavananda vowed at a young age to awaken. In a jungle swamp opposite the cremation grounds of his Bengali village, he placed his asana. When he arose illumined, he returned to the village and offered the Ten Divine Messages. These first teachings are unique in that the Acharyadeva both posed the questions and answered them. With the blessings of Swami Parameshananda, Swamini Sri Lalitambika Devi offers a contemporary interpretation of these seminal teachings, revealing the true purpose of life and how to succeed on the spiritual journey. READ MORE…

The Lotus Within
Swamini Sri Lalitambika Devi
ISBN 978-0-9778633-8-9
Chintamani Books, 2012

The Lotus Within is a companion guide to inner peace. A tapestry of folklore, poetry, wisdom, and prayer, it includes teachings that have been collected from Swamini Sri Lalitambika Devi’s early outreach work in New York City. These thoughts have been shared in psychiatric wards, recovery units, prisons, and shelters, with people whose courage continues to inspire. READ MORE…
Grief: A Path of Loss and Light
Swamini Sri Lalitambika Devi
ISBN 978-0-9778633-6-5
Chintamani Books, 2013  
A testament to the strength of love, Grief is a compassionate guide during difficult times. Swamini Sri Lalitambika Devi shares an intimate portrait of life and mind, as she cared for a loved one who was dying. The journal she kept during this time explores the natural feelings of sorrow that arise, as well as ways to find meaning and stay centered in faith, when someone we love is at the end of life. These teachings are profound, moving, and courageous.  READ MORE…
FreeSpiritCover2InchThe Free Spirit
Swamini Sri Lalitambika Devi
Zen Master Wu Kwang, Foreword
ISBN 978-0-9778633-5-4-1
Chintamani Books, 2014

The Free Spirit: Simple Joys for Wise Living is a handbook for self-discovery. Playful yet profound, the book touches on simple ways to be happy, including self-care, transformational thinking, emotional healing, relationship success, empowered communication, and spiritual awakening. Like any true teacher, the book doesn’t answer all of life’s questions. It encourages the seeker to look within, to that most trustworthy guide-the free spirit. READ MORE…
Inspiring and practical, “The Free Spirit” is a helpful offering to people in pain and their healers. In workbook style, this wise manual could be used by oneself, between a practitioner and a patient, or within a group, either led or peer supported. May “The Free Spirit” find its way to those in need, and may they be healed by its guidance.

-Kathryn Fraser, MD, Medical Director of the Recovery Resiliency Program at the University of New Mexico Psychiatric Center